The Psychology Behind Changing Bad Eating Habits | Low Carb & Keto Lifestyle

Today, alongside nutrtition coach for busy driven people – Angela Shurina, we are going to answer all of your questions asked on our social media. Check her out on instagram on @1000yearyoung –

– Can you explain what is the psychology behind bad eating habits?

– What can we do to reduce or even some of our eating disorders such as binge eating or eating too little?

– What are the negatives of the keto diet?

– Who shouldn’t do Keto?

– Is keto bad long term?

– Does keto hurt your liver?

– What are the side effects of a low-carb diet?
– How many carbs is too low or too high?

– What does carb withdrawal feel like?

– What carbs should I avoid to lose belly fat?

– Can not eating enough carbs make you gain weight?

– What are the 5 worst foods for belly fat?

– I’ve heard about essential amino- acids, I’ve heard about essential fats but I have never heard about essential carbohydrates – is a no carb diet bad?

– Practical tips for me to let go and eat better?

– How do avoid yoyo effects?

– I’m too busy, how can I ensure I am eating right with my hectic lifestyle?

– I’m working full time and a mum for twins – I don’t have time to workout, what can I do?

– Top ingredients to give up and top ingredients to include?

– What practical habits can I incorporate in my lifestyle?

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